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As you know, I haven’t written in quite a while. Not because I forgot about it (well, sometimes I definitely did), but because either I haven’t had time, or just simply wasn’t in the mood. Regardless, I’m back! I’m going to try to have a weekly cadence and keep everyone updated on #TVT travels, #ideas, locations and everything in between!

But, enough about me! Let’s get to the good stuff! #Mexico…


At the end of January, I traveled from #Tijuana (HIGHLY recommend) to San Jose Del Cabo, #Mexico. Something about the Mexican #culture makes me want to move there. Literally. The people are SO happy, their lifestyle is amazing (#siesta), and they truly care about only the things that matter…none of that #bs that we care so much about here in the states.


We arrived Saturday night around 7:30pm and had a private shuttle (also HIGHLY recommend) take us to our $hotel (round trip per vehicle–not per person cost–is $100 + tip ROUND TRIP through #CaboTransfers!) When we arrived, we had dinner at the hotel (Bel Air Los Cabos) where we unfortunately weren’t pleasantly surprised (however, they have FABULOUS room service, if I do say so myself). Because we didn’t enjoy the meal, we did go back to the room and order some #quesadillas and other snacks!


Waking up with the #sun is one of my favorite things to do (hello #Frozen, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake”). Every #morning I sat on our tiny patio by our #privatepool to watch the #sun come up…and I mean LITERALLY watch the #sun come up. Such a cool experience. #BelAir is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a #budget friendly #vacation. They don’t over charge, the staff is nice, and the rooms are amazing (PLEASE get the private swim up suite…just trust me…it’s worth every penny). Having your own #pool is so nice on #vacation, especially if you’re trying to relax (I love kids, but something about screaming, yelling, and peeing is just not for me on vacation). Nothing compares to walking from your bed straight to the #pool. I also recommend getting the all-inclusive package as food can definitely add up. Alcohol is actually the cheap part down there. At the local mega mart, you can get a 12 pack of beer and full bottle of semi-nice #tequila for around $15 US. Pretty good deal!




As for #activities, almost every day we went down to #Zippers Bar and Grille, just a short 10 minute #beach walk from the hotel with awesome drinks, food and views. Their drink special is about $4.50 US which includes 2 #shots of #tequila, a #coronita and lime (after one of these you’re probably good). We also LOVED their chicken #tacos, which were about $8 US and we shared. Also a bonus, if you go during the right time of the year, you can see #whales (we saw a #whale breach about 5 times!)


After a stop at #Zippers, we continued #exploring down the beach all the way to #Palmilla (roughly a 5 mile round trip walk from #BelAir). We saw miles of beautiful beaches, water, rock caves, homes and even some sea creatures (#whales included)! Although #Palmilla is a public beach, #OneAndOnlyPalmilla Resort is a place for resort guests only! They did not allow us anywhere on property except exploring the rock surroundings on the point. If you have the time and the #tide isn’t too high, I think the walk is a #fun and #healthy activity to do!




What happens in #Cabo stays in #Cabo right? Well…most of it. Whenever we go to San Jose Del Cabo, we try to make a stop in #downtown #CaboSanLucas for some #funinthesun! Our first stop? #TheOffice. We shared a delicious #machaca plate and had 2 for 1 #beer specials (why not have #beer for breakfast?). From there, we had a private glass bottom #boat tour setup by our friend #Maricela (pictured below) all for a total of $25 US. We had a tour of all #arches, got dropped off at #LoversBeach, hung out at #DivorceBeach, and then got picked up and taken back to #TheOffice. What a day that was!




What are your #Cabo recommendations? I try to go a couple times a year so anywhere I need to go let me know! We didn’t go to #FloraFarms this time, but that is also a fun place to #explore!


#KeepTraveling #TravelTuesday #Cabo #SanJoseDelCabo #Mexico #LetsGo #Vacation #TheVacationTheory #TVT



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Good morning dreamers! Back at it again! Here we are on another #traveltuesday…one of my favorite days. For some reason, it gets me thinking about “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego”. NO idea why….but that’s how I feel about picking a place to write about. I might start just throwing a dart on the map of the world and see where it lands (hopefully I can actually get it on the map).


Anyways, enough for a morning rant. Today, I want to focus on Barbados. Yes, famous Rihanna is from there (and I’m sure some other people are as well), but this is one of my parents favorite spots. They love the culture, people, and of course, location. There is also TONS of things to do here…and I mean tons! What I love about this place is that there literally is an activity for anyone. If you want to do nothing and relax, stay at the hotel. If you want to float in the ocean, be my guest. If you want to explore, there are lots of places to explore. See what I mean?



So, where to stay? I recommend Crystal Cove Resort. Number one, it’s all inclusive (sorry not sorry but you can’t go wrong doing all inclusive). Yes, it’s a pretty penny worth, but come on, it’s vacation right? And with all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about food, drinks, or tips (hello open bar). Also not to mention, you can literally watch the waves crash from the pool, while sipping a cocktail. I’m in.




Like I mentioned earlier, there literally are so many things you can do here. First stop, Harrison’s Cave. Yes, it’s an actual cave. If you’re into adventure, exploring, and thrill seeking, this is definitely an option for you! You’ll enjoy the limestone caves all from a tram that takes you through them with a guide and story. As this is only an hour adventure, you’ll have plenty of time to lay by the pool and relax after.


Next, who doesn’t love exploring the forest? Ummmm hello Jungle Book! Hunte’s Garden is a tropical paradise….literally. Filled with thousands of different flora and fauna, it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. Also, you can spend as much or as little time there as you want. Be on your own island time (my fave). There are also local forests that aren’t as well known, if you dare.


Last but not least, Animal Flower Cave. What a name right? You don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into with a diverse name like that. But, don’t be fooled. It got it’s name from the anemones that are in the pools. The cave itself looks directly into the Atlantic Ocean, with pools inside the cave that are deep enough to swim. While you’re there, be sure to stop at the Clifftop Bar and Restaurant for the world famous lemonade.



SO, as you can see, lots and lots to do here! Have you been? Where did you stay? Any other must do’s while you’re here?



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Malta Monday

Good morning dreamers! I definitely took a bit of a hiatus last week (some weeks you just need a damn break right?). Anyways, I’m back. And per usual, today is Monday and I have an awesome place to share with you! If you’re anything like me, you probably could have guessed 4 or 5 places where “Malta” was, and you were still wrong (obviously geography isn’t my strong suit). Regardless, Malta is an island between Sicily and the North African Coast (pretty perfect spot if you ask me).


So, Malta is one of those places (like many others that I share) that can be both relaxing yet fun. As you might guess, it’s an architectural dream, filled with ruins, towns on the hillside, and some pretty perfectly colored water. Best time to go is around May (beach season starts end of April and ends just before November). It can get hot there if you go mid-summer so be prepared. You can get there by plane (AirMalta) or, if you’re in Italy (or taking a vacation there), Malta is only about a 90 minute ferry ride from Pozzallo Italy (score).


Once there, many hotels are located in the country’s capital, Valletta. My recommendation is Hotel Phoenicia. Price ranges anywhere from $100-$275 depending on when you’re going, what type of room you get, so on. But, trust me, it’s one of those places you’ll never want to leave. With it’s historic limestone elements on the property and updated decor, you’ll experience a bliss that you’ve never felt before. Who doesn’t love a pool with a view of the ocean?



As I mentioned, this is a place where you can both relax (hello brunch at the pool and spa days) as well as go out and explore. There are a lot of historic tours that will take you around the island to see some famous monuments, as well as adventures that include sailing, diving and other water activities. Don’t forget to stop and check out the Blue Lagoon…it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. You can also island hop to nearby Gozo, another great island, for some additional R&R. I’m sorry, you can NEVER have to much R&R…am I right? Ugh, that’s what I live for!



Anyways, have you guys been here? It’s definitely on the list of places to go for me when I hit up Southern Europe. Where did you stay? What activities did you do?



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#TVT Thursday

Good morning dreamers–downhill from today on! Per usual, Thursday’s have been focused on the #theory side of #tvt and how it evolved. At this point, I feel like you all understand what it’s about…occupying your mind with things you love (while doing the things you have to do) to make your day better. Focus on yourself, entertain your dreams, think positive thoughts (hello 1st grade theory), and good things will happen. Not wave your want type good things, but you’ll feel better. Like inside you’ll be more relaxed, in tune with your dreams and aspirations, blah blah blah. So enough of that for today…I’m not in the most “spiritual” mood, but more just want to talk about what I love…travel.

So, today is also the infamous #tbt which is almost obligatory to write about. In the spirit of typically writing about sunny beaches, I decided to take a spin on this and talk about one of my favorite places, Lake Tahoe. Well, yes, technically there is a beach, but it’s not the beach you’re typically used to. If you’ve been here, you know what I mean. One of the most famous lakes that borders California and Nevada, this place is a great (and I mean great) mini vacation (4 day minimum) if you’re looking for a simple place, off the beaten path, not FLOODED with tourists (yes, there are tourists), and that offers lots to do, this is a great spot for you.


I obviously recommend going during Spring or Summer (warm weather is my jam for multiple reasons which we can get into another time). For one, the water is actually swimmable. What fun is a lake if you can’t go in it right? Also, the hikes there are amazing…like really really amazing. I’m talking fresh scent of dirt (oddly a refreshing smell to me), cool breezes, shady trees, beautiful scenery, you get it. Not to get all tree hugger on you, but it is a great place for hiking, especially if you’re into the forest type of stuff.


One of the great things about lakes is there are so many activities that you can do. Swim (give me a floatie and a beer and I’m set for the day…errr well maybe an 30 minutes before I need a refill), SUP (stand-up paddle board), kayak, snorkel (not sure how many cool fish you’ll see, but still an adventure nonetheless), and of course, boating and other water sports.



Also, there are two parts to Lake Tahoe…North and South Shores. The North Shore (located on the California side), is more low-key, relaxation, explore nature type of vibe. The South Shore is more adventurey and is a good spot for first timers because there are a plethora of activities. Still, I prefer the North Side. Not because it’s in California, but when I go on vacation, I actually like to relax and decompress. Get my mojo back you know? It’s kind of hard to do that with thousands of screaming kids around because they got drenched by a wave or lost their goggles–you know? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids, but I went on a vacation because I needed to relax, which, screaming to me, is not relaxing.


There’s a couple options when it comes to where to stay. There are a few number of hotels on the North Shore that are respectable, for example Cedar House Sport Hotel, but I would recommend doing a #vrbo or #airbandb because you’ll get closer to the water (or in the mountains, whichever you prefer), will have more space, and the price is right. Check this one out: https://www.vrbo.com/763243 (hey why not bring some friends and have this place for a few days?). Cut your cost in half…literally!



So, as you can see, Tahoe is a great escape for just about everyone. Whether you simply just want to float away with a beer in hand (champagne for me), explore the mountains, or have an adventure on the water, there is something for everyone here! Have you been? What did you do? Any local spots to check out?



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Good morning dreamers–one day down only a few left for real now! You made it through Monday–that’s a goal in itself if you ask me! Travel Tuesday…where in the world do I want to go? Everywhere. To put it simply. But really…I do want to go everywhere. Most places that are on the top of my list are warm, sunny and tropical, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go to places that don’t fall in those categories.

So in the spirit of staying in the continental U.S. I picked the Florida Keys. Two of the key’s really speak to me in the tropical, sunny, relaxing type of vacation. Key West and Key Largo. Yes, they’re probably the most popular of the key’s but hey, I guess people have good taste when it comes to crystal clear water, adventure, and natural beauty! So how to get there? Fly into #Miami Airport. From there, you can either rent a car or take a shuttle. I recommend getting the shuttle ($70/person round trip) because really, who needs a car in the Keys? The total ride: 1 hour (give or take 15 minutes) to Key Largo. Score! To Key West, ad a couple hours (3 hours to get there) and add some more money to the round trip but still a great time!


So let’s focus on #KeyWest. Because you’re able to #budget #travel (driving, shuttle, etc.) I suggest opting in for a nice hotel–hey, it is a vacation after all! Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Resort (if you haven’t been to one you’re missing out), is the way to go! So the rooms will cost you around $400/night, but that’s only $100 more than other hotels in the area (for a way better location, ambiance and much more). So in my book, it’s worth it. I hate going on #vacation and thinking, “Oh, the hotel could have been so much better”. You know? Live it up to an extent and don’t ever think anything on your vacation should have been “better”. If you’re thinking like that, you’re not researching or planning well enough–sorry for the brutality, but it’s true. #Planning takes time. You need to read multiple (I mean hundreds) of reviews, go through pictures, and use #GOOGLE…it’s your best friend! Anyways, sorry for the rant, but trust me, you want to stay here. I mean, just look at the pictures.



As this is an island, there are tons of regular #activities like #snorkeling, #scuba diving, and of course tanning (hello Vitamin D). On top of that, you can paddle board, #kayak, jet ski, #sailing, #swimming with the #dolphins, and even do a deep sea #fishing excursion. Heck, the possibilities are #endless here. Not to mention, you can go and #explore the Key by walking, biking, scootering (my choice) or hopping on a tour!


Key West natural sand beach

Soak up the sun on the island’s largest natural sand beach in Key West, Florida

Have you been to #TheKeys? Where did you go? Where did you stay? What did you do? As always, I want to hear!




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Mazatlan Monday

Good morning dreamers! Happy Monday (just tell yourself it’s happy it’ll help). Hey, few more days and it’s the weekend again! The best way to not be depressed on Monday? Don’t think about Monday when it’s only Sunday. ENJOY you’re entire Sunday…trust me!


Anyways, in the spirit of Monday and not having Monday Blues, what better way to dream than to talk about sunny, warm, beautiful, tropical Mazatlan. If you haven’t been, it’s a nice little Pacific town in Mexico just east of Cabo San Lucas. With over 12 miles of perfect beaches, it’s a great destination if you’re looking for some fun in the sun. Oh ya, not to mention that they have banana boating…best time ever!


Where to stay? No Brainer. Riu Emerald Bay All Inclusive. Located right on the beach with a huge pool and swim up bar, this hotel is made for fun. The rooms at this resort have been updated (no gross bedding, floors, curtains, you know what I mean) and the hotel grounds are extremely well kept. Not to mention, you’ll get a local flare for the culture and get to explore nearby activities like Mazagua Aquatic Park, Witches Beach and Cerritos Beach. The hotel also allows use of kayaks, boogie boards, surf boards and volleyballs free of charge if you’re on the all inclusive plan–double bonus! Don’t forget to splash around on the banana boat’s for some real laughs!



Mazatlan is famous for it’s cliff divers–yes, cliff divers. Head on down to El Clavadista, give the divers a tip ($10+ US), and watch them dive from a 50′ cliff with water as shallow as 6 feet. It’s a great experience, gets you out of the hotel, and is thrilling to watch. While you’re down there, check out some local restaurants and shops on the way back home.


As always, I’m a fan of going to the spa while on vacation. Something about getting pampered on vacation just feels right–you know what I mean? The Renova Spa is located adjacent to the Riu Emerald Bay and has reasonable prices if I do say so myself. Single massages are an average of $85 but a couples massage is only $135 for 50 minutes (that’s a steal!). So, treat yourself, get a massage with your love, grab some brunch, and head out to lounge by the pool. Perfect day in my book!


Where did you stay when you went? What other activities did you do? I want to know!



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#TVT Thursday

Good morning dreamers…Thursday is here! Yes…one more day left and you have two days to do whatever your little heart desires. As usual, Thursdays are mostly about theory and how we can better ourselves in baby steps (hey, if I could snap my fingers and make me a better person I would but unfortunately I can’t). Today’s topic…#stress.

Yesterday, I attended a #stressrelief workshop and let me tell you, it did absolutely nothing but make me more stressed out. I was thinking it was going to be about essential oils, yoga, relaxing techniques, blah blah blah. Instead, it was about what can happen to you if you’re stressed (tons of awful things which I won’t even dare to mention here because we’re positive thinkers). Hello….if I’m attending a stress relief workshop, I’m most likely stressed. Hence, don’t stress me out more (am I right?). Bottom line, you do what makes you happy and less stressed.


So, in the spirit of positive stress relief (and I mean actual stress relief not creating more stress), I want to share a few tools that I use to calm down the cortisol. Step 1, Breathe. Yes, you probably hear it all the time, but it’s actually for a reason. Breathing will stop whatever you’re currently thinking about and change the brain waves. One breath is a start, but I honestly think doing a 3-5 is where it’s at. This gets oxygen and blood flow increasing, and will let you clear your mind. I like to sit up straight, close my eyes, smell some essential oils (one of my favorite tricks), and breathe deeply. Just try it. I’m not saying it’s going to cure all your stress, but you should feel a little more relaxed after doing so.

Inspirational Typographic Quote - Just Breathe

Inspirational Typographic Quote – Just Breathe

Another favorite that I just mentioned are essential oils. They really can work wonders. At work, I currently have 2 different stress relief potions, Frankincense (you must get this), Lemongrass and of course, Lavender. All of these oils are uplifting, which will help to increase your mood and clear your mind. Spearmint and Eucalyptus are also great ones to have for stress (I have a candle at home from Bath and Body works that I burn nightly) and help you wind down. Of course, I don’t want to fall asleep at work so I have to try to find a balance. I have a mini diffuser at my desk (I asked my neighbors if they cared or not and they didn’t…actually some thanked me for getting it), and I usually put some oil in once a day and burn it for an hour or so. Thank me later.

Essential Oils

Lastly, sounds extremely silly, but sleep. It’s your best friend. Not only will you actually feel awake when your alarm goes off, but you’ll be less stressed. Sleep is the one thing your body needs to recuperate throughout the day. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Your body is replenishing it’s natural elements that it needs to function properly. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re stressed because you didn’t sleep, you’re grumpy, you don’t feel well, you’re more likely to get sick or injured, and the cycle starts all over again. So…bottom line…get at least 7 hours of sleep (I shoot for 8-9). Sleep is the start of it all! If you have trouble going to sleep, try some Meletonin or Advil PM. The next day, you’re on Cloud 9.

Benefits of Sleep

Besides these, there are so many other tools that you can use for stress relief, but these three are my go-to’s. What other tricks do you have? I’m always wanting to hear more ways to de-stress 🙂



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Where to Wednesday?

Good morning dreamers–hump day back at it! Woo-hoo! It’s all downhill from here…literally. In the spirit of keeping up with #positive #humpday vibes, I picked a place to talk about today that is #6 on the #LonelyPlanet Best in Travel List for 2016…Australia! This past year, my cousin returned home from #downunder with her 3 kids and husband, after living there for 15 years. Hello family reunion right? In a good way though…they’re the family that you WANT to come home, not the family that you want to leave (we all have those right?).


So…Australia. It made this top list because their currency is faltering, meaning the American Dollar can go further than it did in years past. Obviously for other reasons as well, the pure bliss, amazing sites, and pretty good weather. But having their currency be high did stop some travelers in the past. Main places on the list to go to (pretty obvious) are Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay, and Kangaroo Island (yes, this is a thing). With so many places and things to do, it’s definitely recommended to go there for at least 2 weeks.


Where to start? Kangaroo Island. Located on the tip of South Australia, this island is truly a magical place. You can stay at the local Southern Ocean Lodge (a gem), and have dramatic views of the water and natural landscape. This island is also popular for it’s decadent food and wine (more vino please), so make this a total holiday spot for you! Not to mention the tons of wildlife you will encounter on this island, it’s a perfect balance of relaxation, nature, and adventure.

Kangaroo on Kangaroo Island

Next stop, Melbourne. In the neighboring territory of Kangaroo Island, Melbourne is located in Victoria, a logical next stop along your 2 week journey. As the capital of Victoria, is a very popular place to visit. A difference from KI (Kangaroo Island), it’s more of a city vibe. I’m talking cultural food, drinks, experiences, the works! Stay here for a couple days of city exploring and you’re good to go to the next stop!


In New South Wales (just North of Victoria), there are two stops here. Sydney and Byron Bay. Sydney, which most people know of, is famous for it’s stunning opera house and bridge. Both are must see’s in my book, but don’t forget to stop by the local beaches and pools for some refreshment! Byron Bay, North of Sydney, is a famous area known for it’s perfect beaches. Crystal Clear waters and white sand, you’re in for a treat. If you time it correctly, you might even be able to check out a surfing competition.



Last stop in up in Queensland, the infamous Great Barrier Reef. The largest living thing on Earth (you can see it even from space), has over 2,900 individual reefs, 30+ species of whales and dolphins, 1,500 fish species,6 turtle species, 125+ species of sharks and stingrays, and lastly, roughly 17 different types of sea snakes. WOW! That is a ton of different animals all in one area–why would you not go here? Take a day trip to scuba or snorkel, whichever you prefer and indulge yourself in one of the greatest sites in the world!




So, have you been to Australia? What else would you recommend doing? Let me know!



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#Travel Tuesday

Good morning dreamers–we’re back at it again! Tuesday…one day already down and only a few more to go. #TravelTuesday is one of my favorite days because we can talk about so many different places. As the world dose hold thousands of magical destinations, let’s chat about somewhere I’m dying to go….the #Bahamas.

Oddly enough, I had a dream about the Bahamas last night, which is what inspired me to talk about it today. Yes, there is sparkling crystal clear water, perfect white sand beaches, and wait for it….PIGS! Yes…swimming PIGS! I may sound a little crazy but who wouldn’t want to see these little guys swimming in the water with you. If you watched last season of #theBachelor, you saw some of the girls have some trouble with the little buggers because they were feeding them. Note to you…don’t bring food.


So anyways, where to stay? It may sound a little obvious, but hello #Atlantis! I mean, tell me this isn’t a place you’ve always dreamed of going. Yes, it’s a little more family oriented than the places that I typically write about, but it’s one of those places you have to see in your lifetime. I mean, a water slide with sharks all around you? Adventure addicts take notes! Another benefit, the place is so huge, that I’m sure you can find some time for some R&R at one of the 30+ swimming locations. Not to mention, the beach out front that’s just about perfect. Oh ya…the room view isn’t too shabby either. Hello ocean view!

Atlantis_shark waterway



So, other activities in the Bahamas include, tanning (obviously), swimming, exploring the hotel and island, water activities, shopping, and of course dining. The colorful town is a must see on this gorgeous island. Filled with beautiful people, places, and natural essence. There are a lot of mom and pop shops as well as popular shops in town that you can stroll throughout the day, stopping at some local restaurants for a light lunch. Once finished, I recommend getting adventurous in the water and either snorkeling or scuba diving. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of beautiful fish local to the Caribbean that you will be able to see.



When in need of that R&R, check out tons of pools (or even the ocean) for some peace and quiet. Hey, a little spa day never hurt anyone! Since the resort has grown so much in the past years, there are more than enough activities that you can do without ever leaving. Swimming with dolphins, head to the casino to do some gambling, get a much needed spa treatment (obviously I’m a fan of spa’s), or simply just do what you came here to do and #relax.



So…have you been here? Where did you stay? What are some of the best places to see? I want to know!




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Maui Monday

Good morning dreamers! Monday again…well not to worry. Only 4 more days till the weekend again–am I right? Once everyone has had their coffee in them (a cup or maybe three), it’s back to the grind and ready to take on the week. At least, that’s how it is for me.

So as you all know, I’m going to Hawaii this summer (The Big Island and Kauai). I’ve been to Maui and Oahu probably close to 10 times (luck I know), but never either of these islands, so I’m excited for the opportunity to see more gorgeous beaches and everything else these islands have to offer. Maui–what can I say other than Maui Wowi?

Napili Kai Resort, Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Napili Kai Resort, Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a perfect place (and I mean perfect) for relaxation. In contrary to Oahu, it’s a very relaxed, island vibe spot that is great for honeymoons, pure relaxation, and a low key vacation. If those things are what you’re looking for, Maui is probably one of the best islands to go to for that. Not only are you in paradise, it’s a very well up kept island, people are friendly, and there are still spots that are not overdone, so you do feel like you’re somewhere else.


Where to stay? Depends on where you’re going, but like most Hawaiian islands, getting a car is always beneficial. My favorite place is Kaanapali. Located on a 3 mile stretch of an amazing beach, you can’t go wrong. There are a handful of hotels around this area because it is a popular place to relax and recharge. As most of the hotels are in the same price range ($190-$250), my suggestion is the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. It’s located right by it’s own snorkeling paradise and Black Rock. Not to mention, the rooms don’t have a bad view either.



The great thing about staying at this hotel and in Kaanapali in general is it’s location. You are within walking distance to Whaler’s Village, one of my favorite little shopping and dining places. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always hop on the trolley that takes you down there as well. Leilani’s is one of my favorite restaurants in that shopping center for the view, and of course, some hula pie.


Maui Leilanis

Maui is also known for it’s lush tropical landscape. Take a day trip up to Hana and enjoy nature’s beauty of trees, hiking trails, and you may even spot some waterfalls! Another adventure is to head to Napili Beach for some serious snorkeling and you also may have the chance to swim with turtles…yes, turtles. Hello squirt and crush!




If you’ve been to Maui, what are some other spots to check out? I’m always looking for new adventures :).



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