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As you know, I haven’t written in quite a while. Not because I forgot about it (well, sometimes I definitely did), but because either I haven’t had time, or just simply wasn’t in the mood. Regardless, I’m back! I’m going to try to have a weekly cadence and keep everyone updated on #TVT travels, #ideas, locations and everything in between!

But, enough about me! Let’s get to the good stuff! #Mexico…


At the end of January, I traveled from #Tijuana (HIGHLY recommend) to San Jose Del Cabo, #Mexico. Something about the Mexican #culture makes me want to move there. Literally. The people are SO happy, their lifestyle is amazing (#siesta), and they truly care about only the things that matter…none of that #bs that we care so much about here in the states.


We arrived Saturday night around 7:30pm and had a private shuttle (also HIGHLY recommend) take us to our $hotel (round trip per vehicle–not per person cost–is $100 + tip ROUND TRIP through #CaboTransfers!) When we arrived, we had dinner at the hotel (Bel Air Los Cabos) where we unfortunately weren’t pleasantly surprised (however, they have FABULOUS room service, if I do say so myself). Because we didn’t enjoy the meal, we did go back to the room and order some #quesadillas and other snacks!


Waking up with the #sun is one of my favorite things to do (hello #Frozen, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake”). Every #morning I sat on our tiny patio by our #privatepool to watch the #sun come up…and I mean LITERALLY watch the #sun come up. Such a cool experience. #BelAir is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a #budget friendly #vacation. They don’t over charge, the staff is nice, and the rooms are amazing (PLEASE get the private swim up suite…just trust me…it’s worth every penny). Having your own #pool is so nice on #vacation, especially if you’re trying to relax (I love kids, but something about screaming, yelling, and peeing is just not for me on vacation). Nothing compares to walking from your bed straight to the #pool. I also recommend getting the all-inclusive package as food can definitely add up. Alcohol is actually the cheap part down there. At the local mega mart, you can get a 12 pack of beer and full bottle of semi-nice #tequila for around $15 US. Pretty good deal!




As for #activities, almost every day we went down to #Zippers Bar and Grille, just a short 10 minute #beach walk from the hotel with awesome drinks, food and views. Their drink special is about $4.50 US which includes 2 #shots of #tequila, a #coronita and lime (after one of these you’re probably good). We also LOVED their chicken #tacos, which were about $8 US and we shared. Also a bonus, if you go during the right time of the year, you can see #whales (we saw a #whale breach about 5 times!)


After a stop at #Zippers, we continued #exploring down the beach all the way to #Palmilla (roughly a 5 mile round trip walk from #BelAir). We saw miles of beautiful beaches, water, rock caves, homes and even some sea creatures (#whales included)! Although #Palmilla is a public beach, #OneAndOnlyPalmilla Resort is a place for resort guests only! They did not allow us anywhere on property except exploring the rock surroundings on the point. If you have the time and the #tide isn’t too high, I think the walk is a #fun and #healthy activity to do!




What happens in #Cabo stays in #Cabo right? Well…most of it. Whenever we go to San Jose Del Cabo, we try to make a stop in #downtown #CaboSanLucas for some #funinthesun! Our first stop? #TheOffice. We shared a delicious #machaca plate and had 2 for 1 #beer specials (why not have #beer for breakfast?). From there, we had a private glass bottom #boat tour setup by our friend #Maricela (pictured below) all for a total of $25 US. We had a tour of all #arches, got dropped off at #LoversBeach, hung out at #DivorceBeach, and then got picked up and taken back to #TheOffice. What a day that was!




What are your #Cabo recommendations? I try to go a couple times a year so anywhere I need to go let me know! We didn’t go to #FloraFarms this time, but that is also a fun place to #explore!


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What Time Change?

Good morning dreamers! Errrr maybe not so much of a good morning, but let’s change that. Yes, I woke up to my alarm unwillingly and now I’m all over the place. Losing an hour is honestly not fun–I thought I set myself up for some good rest by going to bed around 7:30pm (yes…I know that’s extremely early) so that I could be prepared for today…but I was wrong. What did get me going (besides the 3 cups of coffee) was to come back and and write a morning post. I get this internal #energy about #sharing, #writing and #inspiring, especially if I can make a difference in the #morning.

So benefit number one about the time change? I get to see the #sunrise from my office. Not gonna lie, that’s pretty cool considering I’m usually driving during sunrise so now I can officially enjoy it. Number two? I can actually get myself to stay up past 9 pm (hopefully) and get more done in the day! And lastly number three, more time for after work walks on the #beach. #worthit


After all, who doesn’t #love doing #outdoor activities after work without it being dark? Granted it’s still technically #winter, but maybe instead of doing that #yoga class inside, I’ll go and do it at the #beach or nearest park. Daylight savings does inspire me to get out and go outside more. Living in #southern #California, I am blessed with pretty great weather year round, but I do still LOVE my #movie days (who doesn’t love to be #cuddled up on the #couch with your favorite blanket?). Now, I’m a little more #motivated to be outside, enjoy the light, nature, and everything else that comes along with it.

And you should too! This week, try something different. Take one of your regular #routines and change it up. Whether it be eating lunch outside instead of in the office, doing #yoga at your nearest beach or #park instead of inside, or maybe it’s just adding a little late #afternoon walk into your #schedule. Enjoy that fresh air and get some extra Vitamin D (that is if it’s not snowing/raining/anything else that may prohibit you from doing so).

All in all, we all may be #tired today (I know I am), but thinking about all the #benefits that I get to start enjoying again, make it worth it. What do you think? How are you handling the change?



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