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Mazatlan Monday

Good morning dreamers! Happy Monday (just tell yourself it’s happy it’ll help). Hey, few more days and it’s the weekend again! The best way to not be depressed on Monday? Don’t think about Monday when it’s only Sunday. ENJOY you’re entire Sunday…trust me!


Anyways, in the spirit of Monday and not having Monday Blues, what better way to dream than to talk about sunny, warm, beautiful, tropical Mazatlan. If you haven’t been, it’s a nice little Pacific town in Mexico just east of Cabo San Lucas. With over 12 miles of perfect beaches, it’s a great destination if you’re looking for some fun in the sun. Oh ya, not to mention that they have banana boating…best time ever!


Where to stay? No Brainer. Riu Emerald Bay All Inclusive. Located right on the beach with a huge pool and swim up bar, this hotel is made for fun. The rooms at this resort have been updated (no gross bedding, floors, curtains, you know what I mean) and the hotel grounds are extremely well kept. Not to mention, you’ll get a local flare for the culture and get to explore nearby activities like Mazagua Aquatic Park, Witches Beach and Cerritos Beach. The hotel also allows use of kayaks, boogie boards, surf boards and volleyballs free of charge if you’re on the all inclusive plan–double bonus! Don’t forget to splash around on the banana boat’s for some real laughs!



Mazatlan is famous for it’s cliff divers–yes, cliff divers. Head on down to El Clavadista, give the divers a tip ($10+ US), and watch them dive from a 50′ cliff with water as shallow as 6 feet. It’s a great experience, gets you out of the hotel, and is thrilling to watch. While you’re down there, check out some local restaurants and shops on the way back home.


As always, I’m a fan of going to the spa while on vacation. Something about getting pampered on vacation just feels right–you know what I mean? The Renova Spa is located adjacent to the Riu Emerald Bay and has reasonable prices if I do say so myself. Single massages are an average of $85 but a couples massage is only $135 for 50 minutes (that’s a steal!). So, treat yourself, get a massage with your love, grab some brunch, and head out to lounge by the pool. Perfect day in my book!


Where did you stay when you went? What other activities did you do? I want to know!



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Travel Tuesday

Good morning dreamers! Monday is over, you all must feel a little better. One step at a time, am I right? Anyways, #traveltuesday is one of my favorite days because there are so many wonderful places in the world. I’m one of those crazy people that literally wants to go everywhere (no I’m being totally serious…like everywhere). Some places may not be glamorous (I’m aware), but that’s part of the adventure.

As a resident of So Cal (Yes I know I’m lucky), there are so many places close to home that I can take for a mini vacation. I can #roadtrip up the #calicoast and make some stops in Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Fran, Sacramento, you name it. Or I could also go east and end up in the #desert for some #sunsoaking fun. Today, I’m going to share a little about a hidden gem. Most people from #socal think of Palm Springs when they think of the desert (super fun place), which isn’t bad, but let me tell you, Borrego is where it’s at.


Yes, Anza State Park Borrego Springs (long name say what?). About 2 hours east of North County San Diego is a little hidden gem. I’m talking about peaceful, relaxing, fresh desert air. No commercialization (besides a few hotels), no pollution, and genuine natural beauty. Purple mountains are a thing out there…for real. Also, if you’re a fan of stars, this place is a must. I’ve never seen more stars in my life than being out there at night time.


Traditional “Desert” season is roughly October-April, when it’s not too hot and you can do a lot of activities during the day. Hiking, biking, golfing, swimming, tennis, dirt biking and relaxing are just about the only things to do out there (oh and drinking…ahem). This is one of the only places I can truly relax. I mean, really really relax. Something about waking up, taking a morning hike, having no schedule, laying by the pool really is refreshing to me. I get to be with my own thoughts, enjoy the truly fresh air, and decompose and be my best self.


I happen to have a condo out there so I don’t have a need to stay in a hotel, but there are two options that I highly recommend, Borrego Resort and Spa (very close to “town”) and Casa de Zorro (a little bit further out but this place just got redone and is gorgeous). They both are great, just depends what you’re looking for. I would say Borrego Resort and Spa is more of a golfers paradise with a spa for anyone who wants to indulge. It’s definitely more centrally located to hikes, tennis, etc. and has some great restaurants. On the other hand, Casa de Zorro just recently was updated and is insanely beautiful. I’m talking like comparable to La Quinta in Palm Springs. Everything updated, everything you need in one place type of resort. But, it isn’t as centrally located. So take your pick, both are great spots!


So, what to do out here? I definitely recommend doing a hike or two. You can go and indulge in the mud or wind caves (yes, these are real things), go out to Fonts Point (you really really need to go….like really), or a regular old hike up to Seven Palms (yes, there is a group of palm trees up the mountain with creeks throughout). Then, of course, it’s pool time. Being that the average temp out there is probably around 75-80, a trip (or two) to the pool is a must! Who doesn’t love a little champagne by the pool on a hot day? Golf or tennis is great when it cools off a little in the late afternoon, just before dinner. Nighttime activities? Star gazing, bbqing, shooting (yes with a gun), bonfire, you name it.


So, this took a lot to share my #secret place with you guys. It’s a secret because not many people go. It’s one of four registered dark communities in the world (THE WORLD). It really is a hidden little town out there that people go to decompress. Trust me, if you live within a few hours of there, go. You won’t regret it and you’ll most likely make it a ritual. Oh, and don’t forget to look for wildflowers and all the animals (toads, mountain lions, goats, roadrunners, you get it).



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#TGIF….But Seriously

Good morning dreamers! TGIF am I right? Wow…what a week, but we’re on the home stretch now! I don’t know about you but I’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend with some #mimosas, naps and seeing friends and family. After all, that’s what #weekends are about right?

When searching for a good image to have on this #Friday, of course I wanted to find something that captured my weekend #vibe but also that is relevant. In July, I’ll be going to #Hawaii (the Big Island and #Kauai) so I decided that a little #Lahina brunch view was appropriate.

Planning for Hawaii has been one of my true #tvt projects, as not only do I get to dream, but I get to go! First stop will be in #Kona on a coffee #plantation. I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up to the smell of fresh #coffee every morning with an ocean view? Don’t mind if I do! Then at night, the sunset over the invisible edge #pool is to die for…and literally to die for! The thing I #love about Hawaii is the time that I get to actually spend and enjoy the beauty of nature. All the #sunrises, #sunsets, #hikes, #waterfalls, #beaches, you name it. It really is therapeutic.

kona house

Next stop? Kauai. Although I haven’t officially decided what part of the #island that I want to stay on, it’s still an #adventure to peruse and see all the different locations. I do know that there are a few “must see” places for me, as this will be my first time to Kauai. Number one on my list? Queen’s Bath. It’s definitely gained some popularity in the past few years because of it’s following on social media (hey, that’s where I found out about it, thank you #pinterest). I’m hoping that it’s semi-empty when we go so that I can truly take it all in. Number two–Napali Coast. I mean, have you ever seen a view like that? Good lord–hallelujah! Not only is the water crystal clear, but the beach, mountains, waterfalls, and basically everything else about it is #perfect.


So this weekend, do yourself a favor and start planning your next trip…but for real! Trust me, you deserve it. You have those #vacationdays just sitting there…might as well use them! Happy Friday!



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Good morning dreamers! One step closer to the weekend am I right or what (positive thinking)? I did wake up and think it was Wednesday (unfortunately), but that it’s Tuesday, that gives me another day to explore. I woke up this morning browsing tropical places on my @thevacationtheory #instagram and came across a place that I’m dying to go…Tahiti! I’ve never been, but I’ve heard through the grapevine it’s a hidden gem. Yes, most people have heard of it of course, but the travel population isn’t as high as let’s say #hawaii.

So…why #Tahiti? Well…just look at that picture. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go there? Personally, I would love nothing more to be in that pool, day dreaming over the edge with a glass of champagne in my hand (and a bottle nearby of course). Not only is the scenery picturesque, they have black-sand beaches (who even knew this was a thing?), tons of waterfalls (amazing), and dun dun dun….#volcanoes. There are two main “seasons” if you will for travelers with the high season being May-October, where rain is infrequent and the low is about 70 degrees (pretty perfect).

Where to stay? Well, again, budget comes into play. Of course, when you’re going on a #vacation like this, budget should be calculated upfront, but also, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that you should probably spend a little extra on. My commendation: Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa. It comes at the price tag just shy of $300 a night (yes, that’s expensive), but for what you get, it’s totally worth it!

Moorea Pearl and Spa

This picture is from Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa’s website. I’m sorry…but this looks worth every penny to me. While staying at this #beautiful resort, you can join in their traditional #shark diving excursions. Scary, yes…but probably a must! Not only do they have many day activities by the pool and on the beach, you can also indulge in their top-rated #spa. The beauty of their spa? Only 3 rooms….get ready for a total #relaxation day (much needed I’m sure!). The must: their signature aquatic massage. Sounds weird, but apparently it does more than any massage can do on land. Don’t trust me? Just go try it out for yourself!

So do yourself a favor on this lovely #Tuesday and get to exploring this #beautiful and #serene place of #Tahiti (Moorea specifically). Hey…if the #RHOC can go there, so can we!



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