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Good morning dreamers–one day down only a few left for real now! You made it through Monday–that’s a goal in itself if you ask me! Travel Tuesday…where in the world do I want to go? Everywhere. To put it simply. But really…I do want to go everywhere. Most places that are on the top of my list are warm, sunny and tropical, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go to places that don’t fall in those categories.

So in the spirit of staying in the continental U.S. I picked the Florida Keys. Two of the key’s really speak to me in the tropical, sunny, relaxing type of vacation. Key West and Key Largo. Yes, they’re probably the most popular of the key’s but hey, I guess people have good taste when it comes to crystal clear water, adventure, and natural beauty! So how to get there? Fly into #Miami Airport. From there, you can either rent a car or take a shuttle. I recommend getting the shuttle ($70/person round trip) because really, who needs a car in the Keys? The total ride: 1 hour (give or take 15 minutes) to Key Largo. Score! To Key West, ad a couple hours (3 hours to get there) and add some more money to the round trip but still a great time!


So let’s focus on #KeyWest. Because you’re able to #budget #travel (driving, shuttle, etc.) I suggest opting in for a nice hotel–hey, it is a vacation after all! Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Resort (if you haven’t been to one you’re missing out), is the way to go! So the rooms will cost you around $400/night, but that’s only $100 more than other hotels in the area (for a way better location, ambiance and much more). So in my book, it’s worth it. I hate going on #vacation and thinking, “Oh, the hotel could have been so much better”. You know? Live it up to an extent and don’t ever think anything on your vacation should have been “better”. If you’re thinking like that, you’re not researching or planning well enough–sorry for the brutality, but it’s true. #Planning takes time. You need to read multiple (I mean hundreds) of reviews, go through pictures, and use #GOOGLE…it’s your best friend! Anyways, sorry for the rant, but trust me, you want to stay here. I mean, just look at the pictures.



As this is an island, there are tons of regular #activities like #snorkeling, #scuba diving, and of course tanning (hello Vitamin D). On top of that, you can paddle board, #kayak, jet ski, #sailing, #swimming with the #dolphins, and even do a deep sea #fishing excursion. Heck, the possibilities are #endless here. Not to mention, you can go and #explore the Key by walking, biking, scootering (my choice) or hopping on a tour!


Key West natural sand beach

Soak up the sun on the island’s largest natural sand beach in Key West, Florida

Have you been to #TheKeys? Where did you go? Where did you stay? What did you do? As always, I want to hear!




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