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Good morning dreamers! Back at it again! Here we are on another #traveltuesday…one of my favorite days. For some reason, it gets me thinking about “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego”. NO idea why….but that’s how I feel about picking a place to write about. I might start just throwing a dart on the map of the world and see where it lands (hopefully I can actually get it on the map).


Anyways, enough for a morning rant. Today, I want to focus on Barbados. Yes, famous Rihanna is from there (and I’m sure some other people are as well), but this is one of my parents favorite spots. They love the culture, people, and of course, location. There is also TONS of things to do here…and I mean tons! What I love about this place is that there literally is an activity for anyone. If you want to do nothing and relax, stay at the hotel. If you want to float in the ocean, be my guest. If you want to explore, there are lots of places to explore. See what I mean?



So, where to stay? I recommend Crystal Cove Resort. Number one, it’s all inclusive (sorry not sorry but you can’t go wrong doing all inclusive). Yes, it’s a pretty penny worth, but come on, it’s vacation right? And with all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about food, drinks, or tips (hello open bar). Also not to mention, you can literally watch the waves crash from the pool, while sipping a cocktail. I’m in.




Like I mentioned earlier, there literally are so many things you can do here. First stop, Harrison’s Cave. Yes, it’s an actual cave. If you’re into adventure, exploring, and thrill seeking, this is definitely an option for you! You’ll enjoy the limestone caves all from a tram that takes you through them with a guide and story. As this is only an hour adventure, you’ll have plenty of time to lay by the pool and relax after.


Next, who doesn’t love exploring the forest? Ummmm hello Jungle Book! Hunte’s Garden is a tropical paradise….literally. Filled with thousands of different flora and fauna, it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. Also, you can spend as much or as little time there as you want. Be on your own island time (my fave). There are also local forests that aren’t as well known, if you dare.


Last but not least, Animal Flower Cave. What a name right? You don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into with a diverse name like that. But, don’t be fooled. It got it’s name from the anemones that are in the pools. The cave itself looks directly into the Atlantic Ocean, with pools inside the cave that are deep enough to swim. While you’re there, be sure to stop at the Clifftop Bar and Restaurant for the world famous lemonade.



SO, as you can see, lots and lots to do here! Have you been? Where did you stay? Any other must do’s while you’re here?



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#Travel Tuesday

Good morning dreamers–we’re back at it again! Tuesday…one day already down and only a few more to go. #TravelTuesday is one of my favorite days because we can talk about so many different places. As the world dose hold thousands of magical destinations, let’s chat about somewhere I’m dying to go….the #Bahamas.

Oddly enough, I had a dream about the Bahamas last night, which is what inspired me to talk about it today. Yes, there is sparkling crystal clear water, perfect white sand beaches, and wait for it….PIGS! Yes…swimming PIGS! I may sound a little crazy but who wouldn’t want to see these little guys swimming in the water with you. If you watched last season of #theBachelor, you saw some of the girls have some trouble with the little buggers because they were feeding them. Note to you…don’t bring food.


So anyways, where to stay? It may sound a little obvious, but hello #Atlantis! I mean, tell me this isn’t a place you’ve always dreamed of going. Yes, it’s a little more family oriented than the places that I typically write about, but it’s one of those places you have to see in your lifetime. I mean, a water slide with sharks all around you? Adventure addicts take notes! Another benefit, the place is so huge, that I’m sure you can find some time for some R&R at one of the 30+ swimming locations. Not to mention, the beach out front that’s just about perfect. Oh ya…the room view isn’t too shabby either. Hello ocean view!

Atlantis_shark waterway



So, other activities in the Bahamas include, tanning (obviously), swimming, exploring the hotel and island, water activities, shopping, and of course dining. The colorful town is a must see on this gorgeous island. Filled with beautiful people, places, and natural essence. There are a lot of mom and pop shops as well as popular shops in town that you can stroll throughout the day, stopping at some local restaurants for a light lunch. Once finished, I recommend getting adventurous in the water and either snorkeling or scuba diving. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of beautiful fish local to the Caribbean that you will be able to see.



When in need of that R&R, check out tons of pools (or even the ocean) for some peace and quiet. Hey, a little spa day never hurt anyone! Since the resort has grown so much in the past years, there are more than enough activities that you can do without ever leaving. Swimming with dolphins, head to the casino to do some gambling, get a much needed spa treatment (obviously I’m a fan of spa’s), or simply just do what you came here to do and #relax.



So…have you been here? Where did you stay? What are some of the best places to see? I want to know!




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Travel Tuesday

Good morning dreamers! 1 day down and 4 more to go–on our way to a great week. Tuesday is definitely an underrated day in my book…I mean, Monday is done (TG!), Wednesday (#humpday) is tomorrow, which means we’re half way through the week, and then it’s all downhill from there.So, #Tuesdays aren’t that bad. Also, it’s travel Tuesday…so who really doesn’t love that? And my favorite reason? Plane tickets are cheaper on Tuesday’s…yup, you better believe it! No rhyme or reason, but trust me, check it out. On fare calculator’s you’ll see that flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you some serious dough. Even better, book it on a Tuesday to fly on a Tuesday…wow! #Savings


Today, focus on what makes you happy (more into theory on Thursday’s). If #traveling is your jam (like me), do more of it–easier said than done I agree, but it’s a start. If #fitness is your thing, do more of it (hello outdoor jogs!). If #cooking is your fave, do more of it. You get the picture. I may not be the world’s most experienced traveler or adventurer, but you have to start somewhere! My #love for traveling has been passed down from my #grandparents, to my #parents, to me. My grandparents in 60+ years of marriage, went to over 55 #countries (they went to London 30 times–30!!! I still haven’t been once!). When I was just a nugget, I had been to Hawaii 4 times before I was 5 (lucky I know!). Regardless, travel is in my blood, which is how I got to where I am now, or where I want to be now (whichever is more PC).


So this is actually where I want to be….the #Caribbean. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to be there? Part of the #passion for whatever you love most comes through #research, #learning, and #planning (well, it does for me). I absolutely LOVE (and I mean love) #googling places that I’ve never been, finding new places that I want to go, and planning the most efficient, budget friendly, and amazing vacation that I hope to do someday. And that’s what #TravelTuesday is all about…you!

What’s your passion? What do you have planned next? Tell me, I want to hear!



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TGIF–For Real!

Good morning dreamers!! It’s #Friday–yes–we can FINALLY see the weekend ahead of us (thank god!). I don’t know about you, but I’ve never wanted a weekend to come more than this one. Not because I particularly have much to do, but just because I can finally relax. Also, one of my favorite Friday rituals is my Starbucks run for many reasons (hey, you have to treat yourself every once in a while, am I right?). One, less time at work. Two, I get a delicious breakfast that I don’t have to cook or make. Three, well, who doesn’t love #starbucks?

Anyways, back to real life. After yesterday’s #tvt of St. Thomas, it got me thinking. Where else can I go and get that same view (hopefully) for half the cost? Because like I mentioned before, my current bank account will not pay for a $7k vacation to the #Caribbean (unfortunately so). Well…that brings me to #Florida. Yes, I said it. Florida. Most people have a mixed feeling about Florida, but that’s probably because they either go at the wrong time of the year, or they simply are no fun. So what really do I mean for #TGIF? Well, That’s Great in Florida! Yup! And let me tell you why.

For starters, Florida is in the United States (I’m in San Diego so this is a plus). This means that airfare is dramatically cheaper for me than traveling an extra 6 hours to get to the Caribbean (rough estimate with delays, stops, etc.). Two, it is definitely not as touristy as let’s say, St. Thomas, which translates into more #relaxation for you! Three, no customs–who doesn’t love that? Lastly, it has the EXACT same color of water that you would see overseas (in a lot of places…not everywhere). So…every Friday (for now) I’ll #spotlight a new area in Florida for those #vacation crazy dreamers like me!


This week: #Destin. If you’re from the East Coast or South, this probably doesn’t’ come as much of a shock to you. As a top destination for spring and summer #breaks, it can definitely be full of young college kids trying to have a good time. Secret: don’t go during those times. That may sound obvious, but trust me, it will catch up with you. My favorite time in Florida is November for many reasons. The weather is perfect (I mean 78 degree average I’ll take any day!), there are significantly less tourists (if any), and I get a lot of places to myself.

Located on the Panhandle, this wonderful beach town has the benefit of being in the Gulf of #Mexico (hence being perfect all year round- aye aye aye). Not only is this a great place to relax on the beach, there are also many activities you can enjoy such as fishing, golfing, and hiking. If you’re like me, I enjoy #vacations that I can equally #relax and #explore, making #Destin the perfect #destination (cheesy I know). Where to stay? That’s a no brainer. #HendersonParkInn. With reasonable prices and it’s prime location on the beach, you can’t go wrong staying at this bed and breakfast. It’s so great that it was even featured on #LiveWithRegisAndKelly, if that gives you any insight.


Who wouldn’t want to have #happyhour to this #view? One of the best kept American travel secrets: Destin, Florida. Round trip price from San Diego: $399. Can’t beat that! If you have any hidden gems that you know of, please leave a comment and let me know–who knows, it might be my next adventure :).



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#TVT Thursday

Hey there dreamers! Happy Thursday (TGIT am I right?). This week has been a long one if I don’t say so myself. I honestly almost didn’t dare to get out of bed today…between being so sore from #pilates and exhausted from working, bed sounds like the best place to be.

Anyways, I can’t be in bed because I do have a “real” job. So what got me up? Dreaming of that next vacay I can take. What’s the cheapest flight (well let me spend 3 hours at work searching articles, websites, and anything else I might find), where’s the best all-inclusive, where do I really want to go? Unfortunately the answer is everywhere. I simply want to go everywhere.

So how do I pick? I don’t. Until I find the best deal that speaks to me, I won’t know where I’m going. That’s part of #thevacationtheory. Spend your time dreaming and searching to keep up your motivation at work. After all, you need to work to pay for those trips. Work to live not live to work (amen). Somehow dreaming of a tropical paradise makes work a little better (notice I didn’t way worse because that would be negative).

I can see it now…8 am in St. Thomas with an ocean view from a gorgeous room, an array of fresh fruits, pastries and juice to die for. The waves rolling in softly and slowly, just enough that you can hear the the water washing away your worries. Birds drifting through the sky, coconuts falling, and the sun beaming. Who wouldn’t want to be there?


My final thoughts: make today better. Go on, search for your next getaway and put #thevacationtheory to work. Trust me, you won’t look back!



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