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#TVT Thursday

Good morning dreamers–downhill from today on! Per usual, Thursday’s have been focused on the #theory side of #tvt and how it evolved. At this point, I feel like you all understand what it’s about…occupying your mind with things you love (while doing the things you have to do) to make your day better. Focus on yourself, entertain your dreams, think positive thoughts (hello 1st grade theory), and good things will happen. Not wave your want type good things, but you’ll feel better. Like inside you’ll be more relaxed, in tune with your dreams and aspirations, blah blah blah. So enough of that for today…I’m not in the most “spiritual” mood, but more just want to talk about what I love…travel.

So, today is also the infamous #tbt which is almost obligatory to write about. In the spirit of typically writing about sunny beaches, I decided to take a spin on this and talk about one of my favorite places, Lake Tahoe. Well, yes, technically there is a beach, but it’s not the beach you’re typically used to. If you’ve been here, you know what I mean. One of the most famous lakes that borders California and Nevada, this place is a great (and I mean great) mini vacation (4 day minimum) if you’re looking for a simple place, off the beaten path, not FLOODED with tourists (yes, there are tourists), and that offers lots to do, this is a great spot for you.


I obviously recommend going during Spring or Summer (warm weather is my jam for multiple reasons which we can get into another time). For one, the water is actually swimmable. What fun is a lake if you can’t go in it right? Also, the hikes there are amazing…like really really amazing. I’m talking fresh scent of dirt (oddly a refreshing smell to me), cool breezes, shady trees, beautiful scenery, you get it. Not to get all tree hugger on you, but it is a great place for hiking, especially if you’re into the forest type of stuff.


One of the great things about lakes is there are so many activities that you can do. Swim (give me a floatie and a beer and I’m set for the day…errr well maybe an 30 minutes before I need a refill), SUP (stand-up paddle board), kayak, snorkel (not sure how many cool fish you’ll see, but still an adventure nonetheless), and of course, boating and other water sports.



Also, there are two parts to Lake Tahoe…North and South Shores. The North Shore (located on the California side), is more low-key, relaxation, explore nature type of vibe. The South Shore is more adventurey and is a good spot for first timers because there are a plethora of activities. Still, I prefer the North Side. Not because it’s in California, but when I go on vacation, I actually like to relax and decompress. Get my mojo back you know? It’s kind of hard to do that with thousands of screaming kids around because they got drenched by a wave or lost their goggles–you know? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids, but I went on a vacation because I needed to relax, which, screaming to me, is not relaxing.


There’s a couple options when it comes to where to stay. There are a few number of hotels on the North Shore that are respectable, for example Cedar House Sport Hotel, but I would recommend doing a #vrbo or #airbandb because you’ll get closer to the water (or in the mountains, whichever you prefer), will have more space, and the price is right. Check this one out: https://www.vrbo.com/763243 (hey why not bring some friends and have this place for a few days?). Cut your cost in half…literally!



So, as you can see, Tahoe is a great escape for just about everyone. Whether you simply just want to float away with a beer in hand (champagne for me), explore the mountains, or have an adventure on the water, there is something for everyone here! Have you been? What did you do? Any local spots to check out?



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Travel Tuesday

Good morning dreamers! Monday is over, you all must feel a little better. One step at a time, am I right? Anyways, #traveltuesday is one of my favorite days because there are so many wonderful places in the world. I’m one of those crazy people that literally wants to go everywhere (no I’m being totally serious…like everywhere). Some places may not be glamorous (I’m aware), but that’s part of the adventure.

As a resident of So Cal (Yes I know I’m lucky), there are so many places close to home that I can take for a mini vacation. I can #roadtrip up the #calicoast and make some stops in Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Fran, Sacramento, you name it. Or I could also go east and end up in the #desert for some #sunsoaking fun. Today, I’m going to share a little about a hidden gem. Most people from #socal think of Palm Springs when they think of the desert (super fun place), which isn’t bad, but let me tell you, Borrego is where it’s at.


Yes, Anza State Park Borrego Springs (long name say what?). About 2 hours east of North County San Diego is a little hidden gem. I’m talking about peaceful, relaxing, fresh desert air. No commercialization (besides a few hotels), no pollution, and genuine natural beauty. Purple mountains are a thing out there…for real. Also, if you’re a fan of stars, this place is a must. I’ve never seen more stars in my life than being out there at night time.


Traditional “Desert” season is roughly October-April, when it’s not too hot and you can do a lot of activities during the day. Hiking, biking, golfing, swimming, tennis, dirt biking and relaxing are just about the only things to do out there (oh and drinking…ahem). This is one of the only places I can truly relax. I mean, really really relax. Something about waking up, taking a morning hike, having no schedule, laying by the pool really is refreshing to me. I get to be with my own thoughts, enjoy the truly fresh air, and decompose and be my best self.


I happen to have a condo out there so I don’t have a need to stay in a hotel, but there are two options that I highly recommend, Borrego Resort and Spa (very close to “town”) and Casa de Zorro (a little bit further out but this place just got redone and is gorgeous). They both are great, just depends what you’re looking for. I would say Borrego Resort and Spa is more of a golfers paradise with a spa for anyone who wants to indulge. It’s definitely more centrally located to hikes, tennis, etc. and has some great restaurants. On the other hand, Casa de Zorro just recently was updated and is insanely beautiful. I’m talking like comparable to La Quinta in Palm Springs. Everything updated, everything you need in one place type of resort. But, it isn’t as centrally located. So take your pick, both are great spots!


So, what to do out here? I definitely recommend doing a hike or two. You can go and indulge in the mud or wind caves (yes, these are real things), go out to Fonts Point (you really really need to go….like really), or a regular old hike up to Seven Palms (yes, there is a group of palm trees up the mountain with creeks throughout). Then, of course, it’s pool time. Being that the average temp out there is probably around 75-80, a trip (or two) to the pool is a must! Who doesn’t love a little champagne by the pool on a hot day? Golf or tennis is great when it cools off a little in the late afternoon, just before dinner. Nighttime activities? Star gazing, bbqing, shooting (yes with a gun), bonfire, you name it.


So, this took a lot to share my #secret place with you guys. It’s a secret because not many people go. It’s one of four registered dark communities in the world (THE WORLD). It really is a hidden little town out there that people go to decompress. Trust me, if you live within a few hours of there, go. You won’t regret it and you’ll most likely make it a ritual. Oh, and don’t forget to look for wildflowers and all the animals (toads, mountain lions, goats, roadrunners, you get it).



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Windansea Wednesday

Happy #humpday dreamers! You made it through half the week…well almost. Today, my hometown inspired me when my aunt posted a picture from her yard of #Windansea…and if you don’t know what Windansea is, you’re missing out…literally.

Located in La Jolla, California, Windansea Beach is known for it’s #surfing and magnificent views….I mean look at that pic! With sunny days and 70 degree weather majority of the year, this is a great spot to #travel to at almost any time. Not only can you stroll the beach, catch some rays, and surf some barrels, there is plenty to do within walking distance of this awesome #beach town.

kayak la jolla

Being a local to #SanDiego, I am always looking for #fun #adventures to do with my #boyfriend Kyle. One of our favorite activities is #kayaking in La Jolla. There are always numerous #groupons or #livingsocial deals online that you can rent a two-person kayak for 2 hours at a whopping $20 (pretty good if you ask me). If you’re not a fan of the wildlife down under (Little Mermaid anyone?), I don’t recommend doing this. There are tons (and I mean tons!) of #Leopard #sharks that live here. Even though I’m #terrified of sharks…literally terrified, to me it’s still worth it. They typically stay around the same spot, so you will only pass them going to and from the caves. Which brings me to this picture…I mean who wouldn’t want to go #explore these caves?

After a morning #workout, head up to #Cusp La Jolla (on top of Hotel La Jolla….yes on the top floor), where you can enjoy one of my favorite #brunches. Not only do they have an entire view of La Jolla, they have #bottomless #mimosas with a great seasonal brunch menu. Once we’ve had a couple, we head on down to the hotel’s pool for some real relaxing.


If you’re from out of town, I highly recommend to stay at La #Valencia, because it’s in the heart of La Jolla and just about a 2 minute walk to the beach. Also, the hotel and pool aren’t bad either. It’s famous pink architecture is known throughout the beach town and many locals come here on the weekends for a #staycation (because who doesn’t love those?).

With so many activities to do in this town, it’s a definite must if you haven’t been. Not to mention if you come in #summer, you can stop by the #DelMarRaceTrack and bet on some #ponies. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky!



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