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#TVT Thursday

Hey there dreamers! Happy Thursday (TGIT am I right?). This week has been a long one if I don’t say so myself. I honestly almost didn’t dare to get out of bed today…between being so sore from #pilates and exhausted from working, bed sounds like the best place to be.

Anyways, I can’t be in bed because I do have a “real” job. So what got me up? Dreaming of that next vacay I can take. What’s the cheapest flight (well let me spend 3 hours at work searching articles, websites, and anything else I might find), where’s the best all-inclusive, where do I really want to go? Unfortunately the answer is everywhere. I simply want to go everywhere.

So how do I pick? I don’t. Until I find the best deal that speaks to me, I won’t know where I’m going. That’s part of #thevacationtheory. Spend your time dreaming and searching to keep up your motivation at work. After all, you need to work to pay for those trips. Work to live not live to work (amen). Somehow dreaming of a tropical paradise makes work a little better (notice I didn’t way worse because that would be negative).

I can see it now…8 am in St. Thomas with an ocean view from a gorgeous room, an array of fresh fruits, pastries and juice to die for. The waves rolling in softly and slowly, just enough that you can hear the the water washing away your worries. Birds drifting through the sky, coconuts falling, and the sun beaming. Who wouldn’t want to be there?


My final thoughts: make today better. Go on, search for your next getaway and put #thevacationtheory to work. Trust me, you won’t look back!



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