Hello there dreamers! If you love traveling, the idea of traveling, or just beautiful scenery, you’ve come to the right place!  In a dream world, I would travel the world while getting paid. Unfortunately, my bank account won’t let me. But, that doesn’t stop me from pretending. So what do I actually do? Well, I technically have a “real” job…but I do spend a lot of my day dreaming about where I would like to go and what my next adventure may be. Most places I flock to tend to be sunny (hey, I’m a California Girl and love my sun), sandy, and swimwear ready (who doesn’t love a good bikini?).

Instead of that normal 9-5 life, how nice would it be to go to sleep and wake up in Paradise with fresh squeezed guava juice in hand, the sun on your face, and the prettiest blue green water you’ve ever seen? Pretty damn nice…well, I would think so! That is exactly what inspired me to start this vacation theory. Most people spend their time at work dwelling on what other fun things and activities they could be doing (er, well working too of course) and what does that do to morale? Well let me tell you…it sucks! All the negativity around “ugh, I wish I was there”, “I hate work”, “when can I go home”, and all the other normal thoughts that run through us corporate junkies heads are not healthy.

So what’s the solution? The Vacation Theory (TVT). Every hour on the hour I found myself searching for my next tropical adventure. Counting down the minutes until I could “take a break” and escape to my dreamland. Perusing through thousands of Instagram accounts and travel blogs in attempt to experience what I crave…adventure and bliss. The result? I felt better! I was nicer, had more energy, increased my productivity, you name it! Instead of thinking negative thoughts about work and engulfing my focus into what I enjoy most (courtesy of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne) I noticed a change in my atmosphere and overall well-being (crazy I know!). By simply changing the pessimistic attitude about work into an optimistic view about adventure, happiness and travel instantly changed my day. Hello law of attraction (happy thoughts attract happy moods)!

And this is what started The Vacation Theory. So go ahead, take that break you’ve been waiting for…trust me, you deserve it! Follow me @thevacationtheory on Instagram for daily inspiration!




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  1. Valérie says:

    I’m in charge of Tsara Komba Lodge Communication. I’ve just read your article Madagascar Monday. You’re talking about Tsarabanjina, which is a very nice place for sure, but you’re using a picture from the Tsara Komba Lodge bay located on Nosy Komba Island. I would have been very happy if Tsara Komba Lodge had been mentioned in your text. Anyway I hope you’ll be ok to write a few words about us ! Please contact me to receive a press kit 😉 Waiting for your reply, best regards. Valérie http://www.tsarakomba.com


    • Hi Valerie! Thank you for the info! I actually just added some words about your resort–would love to visit someday soon hopefully :). Check it out and let me know! And yes, I would love a press kit…how do I get one?


      • Marketcom High Spirit Lodges says:

        Hello Lindsey,

        Many thanks for adding those lines on Tsara Komba Lodge. I¹m happy to send you a presskit here attached.

        We do welcome journalists under certain conditions depending on what they want to do, where the article will be issuedŠaso. When you feel like coming and visit us, just let me know and we will study what¹s possible and fruitful for both part 😉

        Have a nice day, Regards Valérie

        PS : I don¹t think the pool is the one of TsarabanjinaŠ. 😉

        De : TheVacationTheory Répondre à : TheVacationTheory Date : jeudi 24 mars 2016 15:56 À : Valérie Fontaine Objet : [New comment] About

        WordPress.com lindseywalker811 commented: “Hi Valerie! Thank you for the info! I actually just added some words about your resort–would love to visit someday soon hopefully :). Check it out and let me know! And yes, I would love a press kit…how do I get one? “


      • Hi Valerie–my email is lindsey.walker811@yahoo.com if you can send the Press Kit there and we can discuss visits! Thank you!


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