Maui Monday

Good morning dreamers! Monday again…well not to worry. Only 4 more days till the weekend again–am I right? Once everyone has had their coffee in them (a cup or maybe three), it’s back to the grind and ready to take on the week. At least, that’s how it is for me.

So as you all know, I’m going to Hawaii this summer (The Big Island and Kauai). I’ve been to Maui and Oahu probably close to 10 times (luck I know), but never either of these islands, so I’m excited for the opportunity to see more gorgeous beaches and everything else these islands have to offer. Maui–what can I say other than Maui Wowi?

Napili Kai Resort, Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Napili Kai Resort, Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a perfect place (and I mean perfect) for relaxation. In contrary to Oahu, it’s a very relaxed, island vibe spot that is great for honeymoons, pure relaxation, and a low key vacation. If those things are what you’re looking for, Maui is probably one of the best islands to go to for that. Not only are you in paradise, it’s a very well up kept island, people are friendly, and there are still spots that are not overdone, so you do feel like you’re somewhere else.


Where to stay? Depends on where you’re going, but like most Hawaiian islands, getting a car is always beneficial. My favorite place is Kaanapali. Located on a 3 mile stretch of an amazing beach, you can’t go wrong. There are a handful of hotels around this area because it is a popular place to relax and recharge. As most of the hotels are in the same price range ($190-$250), my suggestion is the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. It’s located right by it’s own snorkeling paradise and Black Rock. Not to mention, the rooms don’t have a bad view either.



The great thing about staying at this hotel and in Kaanapali in general is it’s location. You are within walking distance to Whaler’s Village, one of my favorite little shopping and dining places. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always hop on the trolley that takes you down there as well. Leilani’s is one of my favorite restaurants in that shopping center for the view, and of course, some hula pie.


Maui Leilanis

Maui is also known for it’s lush tropical landscape. Take a day trip up to Hana and enjoy nature’s beauty of trees, hiking trails, and you may even spot some waterfalls! Another adventure is to head to Napili Beach for some serious snorkeling and you also may have the chance to swim with turtles…yes, turtles. Hello squirt and crush!




If you’ve been to Maui, what are some other spots to check out? I’m always looking for new adventures :).



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