With Operations Optimized

Your organization now delivers efficiencies beyond what your EHR and capacity management solution already offer.  Care teams work toward a common care plan and length of stay goal for each patient on your nursing units.  You have optimized patient scheduling and the delivery of tests and services to your patients.  Fewer diagnostic delays result in better quality and patient safety and boost patient throughput.  Predictable schedules and fewer trips off-unit increase patient satisfaction. Your ED and other admission sources are aligned with the efficiency goals of your organization. You are driving efficiency across your organization.

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Centrally Manage Patient Activities

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Your Challenges May Include:

  • Avoidable patient days

  • Profitability

  • Capacity constraints

  • Inability to grow outpatient services

  • Lack of defined LOS goals

  • Lack of tools to anticipate barriers to progression

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Identify Barriers to Progression

Drive Efficiency in Operations

Operations optimized enables your system to centrally manage patient activities between nursing units and diagnostic/procedural areas. You are able to schedule and deliver tests and services based on patient LOS goals. Barriers to patient progression are easily identified and resolved. Patient schedules are easily visible to the care team. You are able to achieve optimal use of your resources and increase capacity for outpatient services. 

Ready to learn how your organization can progress care, drive efficiency and achieve performance excellence?

Deliver Tests Based on LOS Goals