With Care Progression

Your care teams work toward a common care plan and length of stay goal for each patient.  They can readily identify patients who are not progressing as expected and why.  You’re confident progression barriers are being addressed proactively.  You know your nursing units provide the timely, quality patient care which results in a positive patient experience.  You are optimizing the progression of patients on your nursing units.

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Establish LOS Goals


Your Challenges May Include:

  • Avoidable patient days

  • Unanticipated barriers to progression

  • Undefined length of stay targets

  • Lack of communication between nursing, physicians, and ancillary services

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Implement Patient Progression Plans

Solutions for Sustainable Success

Care Progression combines best practice methodologies with comprehensive software to establish and meet target length of stay values for each patient. Each day on the nursing units, care team members discuss each patient's progression and barriers. Physician leadership collaborates in development and implementation of patient progression plans that synchronize clinical progression milestones with LOS and discharge planning and connect physicians to organizational LOS and patient progression goals.

Curious About How Much Your Hospital Could be Saving with Care Progression?

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Synchronize Milestones