Holy Cross Hospital’s “iCare” Initiative Results in $16 Million in Savings

Holy Cross Hospital’s “iCare” Initiative Results in $8.9 Million in Annual Savings

Although Holy Cross was clear on their mission and the need to transition to a value-based model, the growth of the organization over six decades, compounded by the increasing complexities of health care, contributed to challenges that negatively impacted top priorities such as:

  • Patient experience
  • Length of Stay
  • Productivity
  • Physician Alignment and Satisfaction

Problems included duplicative processes across care areas, care decisions based on physician preference, lack of visibility to patient progression, random prioritization of test scheduling, and the absence of coordinated ownership of the patient flow process.

In 2012, Holy Cross implemented the Care Logistics hub-and-spoke operational framework that streamlines patient flow and facilitates high-quality patient experience and improved outcomes. Care Logistics encourages customers to create and communicate a System Aim to unify the organization behind their goals.  Holy Cross chose the system aim of “Because iCare, no errors, no delays.”

“Because iCare, no errors, no delays.”

As Holy Cross implemented the Care Logistics hub-and-spoke framework they experienced numerous benefits.  For example, new processes for communicating pre-procedural requirements, order clarifications and changes, and the resolution of patient-specific issues, resulted in a marked improvement in communications between nurses, physicians, and diagnostic area associates.

We can tell at a glance whether upcoming unit shifts properly match the clinical needs of the patients, and adjust assignments accordingly.

“Demand Logistics is the latest module that we have installed with Care Logistics. It makes real-time scheduling and staffing objective, rather than subjective,” said Brandon Charette, Operational Performance Coordinator for Holy Cross. “We can tell at a glance—red, blue or green—whether upcoming unit shifts properly match the clinical needs of the patients, and adjust assignments accordingly.”

For Holy Cross, the establishment of a patient centered culture was the main goal of iCare.  The improvement in Physician engagement was a key contributor to the achievement of this goal.  The CMO served as a champion educator, directly communicating to physicians regarding their role in a patient centered culture supported by a hub and spoke care coordination model.  Physicians at Holy Cross state that the innovative care coordination model and roles enable them to care for their patients much more efficiently as a result of real-time information and communication.  

In addition to providing ongoing support, Care Logistics continues to assist Holy Cross’s in measuring and sustaining the key metrics that were positively impacted by the iCare initiative.  Holy Cross has realized improvement in key efficiency and clinical measures as well as a significant financial return, including:

  • 11% improvement in Acute In-Patient LOS and 19% improvement in Observed LOS resulting in over $6 Million in savings over 5 years
  • 13.7% growth in Outpatient Diagnostics resulting in $5.5 Million in financial impact over 5 years
  • 5% improvement in Patient Satisfaction
  • Total financial impact over 5 years: $16 million

Holy Cross is proud of the results that they have attained with iCare and the fact that they have not only sustained the results but continually improved year over year for the last 5 years.

High performing organizations must be reliable, efficient, have results that are reproducible.
Care Logistics helps us do that.
— Dr. Patrick Taylor, President and CEO

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