Many hospitals have struggled as a result of the lost revenue from deferred and cancelled elective surgeries due to the recent crisis. The challenges continue as patients are slow to return for postponed procedures and reluctant to visit the ED out of concern that it is not safe to go back into the hospital yet. Controlling costs has helped offset some of the revenue losses, but it only goes so far.

Hospitals now have an eye on rescuing and restoring revenue. However, given the smaller patient volumes most hospitals are seeing now, how can your organization ensure you are maximizing revenue from care provided to the patients who do return?


Obstacles to Revenue

There are several obstacles to maximizing revenue. These obstacles were surprisingly common before the current crisis and were often left unaddressed. Today, they are more important than ever. Hospitals simply cannot afford to leave any hard-earned revenue on the table.

The Road to Recovery

In order to mitigate the damage done by a major loss in revenue, there are several strategies you can implement now to expedite your journey on the road to recovery:


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We can’t help hospitals with getting patients back in the hospitals. However, we can help you recover and capture the appropriate revenue for services delivered to the patients you do have. Our Rescuing Revenue package can help CFOs rescue and restore revenue by getting every possible penny from every precious patient visit. Our rapid deployment and high return on investment helps hospitals get back on track with their revenue goals.


Experience: Care Logistics brings over 10 years of experience to the table.


Maximizing your investments: We take advantage of your existing technology investments today with an option to hard-wire and strengthen your new processes with purpose-built software later.


Results: Care Logistics customers rescued an average of over $19.1 million in revenue in FY 2020.


Start Rescuing & Restoring Your Revenue

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What comes after Rescuing Revenue?

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