Manage Hospital Capacity

Hospitals and health systems are discovering the importance and effectiveness of a centralized command center which can optimize existing software to more easily manage changing capacity and optimize patient flow.

Core Command arms your hospital with a hub for patient throughput and flow activities, and facilitates streamlined communication across multiple roles throughout the organization. With Core Command, your organization will:

  • Deploy rapidly within 90 days from initiation

  • Enhance visibility for hospital leadership, departments and community resources

  • Leverage existing and new technology to create a functional command center with supporting processes and minimal impact to IT resources

  • Incorporate relevant IT projects into command center efforts



Put decision makers in the driver's seat, consolidate siloed operations


Leverage existing tech in a coordinated and centralized manner – not through a patchwork approach


Improve visibility to your data, prepare for capacity changes due to surges and downturns

Ready to Start Your Command Center?

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What comes after Core Command?

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