With Care Capacity

Your care team can efficiently manage and communicate the availability of beds and other patient flow resources for patient care. Electronic bed boards show the status and availability of beds. Care providers have access to patient status and location and can easily request patient transport. Housekeeping workflows ensure beds are turned much faster after patient discharges.

Today's Challenges May Include:

Care Capacity is an excellent capacity management tool for any size hospital struggling to find beds for patients
  • Throughput and capacity issues delay discharge, increase patient length of stay (LOS), increase leave without treatment (LWOT), and decrease the overall quality of care

  • Patient safety is compromised when patients are boarded in the ED or in another care setting not appropriate for their condition

  • It is difficult to achieve efficient, profitable operations when patient flow is not coordinated

Bed Visibility & Capacity Management

The lack of information about resources and patient availability hinders care. Removing these roadblocks benefits the patient and the hospital. Reducing needless waiting time bolsters patient satisfaction and safety, ultimately reducing length of stay. The hospital effectively manages resources and forecasts patient admissions and discharges.

Improving operational performance will help reduce inherent delays in the patient care process by decreasing diversion, increasing bed capacity and managing length of stay more effectively.

Bed Visibility gives all patient care providers instant access to the patient’s progress and location.

Bed Visibility

Capacity Management tools give the unit the power to plan for next steps in patient care as well as for the next admission.

Capacity Management Tools

Length of Stay Management provides visibility so provides can better anticipate patient discharges.

Length of Stay Management

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