Drive Patient Throughput & Progression with Comprehensive Analytics

Picture a future where it is easy to identify patients who are unlikely to meet their target LOS, and you can quickly intervene to prevent avoidable days. You have the actionable information you need to prioritize patient care activities and discharges, make short term staffing decisions and reduce or prevent potential bottlenecks before they occur.

healthcare analytics

With Care Logistics’ Analytics, in-application predictions bring responsive and intelligent information to decision makers as part of our throughput and patient progression solutions. Decision makers have complete situational awareness, and the information they need to make independent choices during daily operations. While viewing predictions, they have access to the tools they need to take immediate action to optimize flow for anticipated admissions, patient unit placement, staffing, and barriers to timely discharge.

Our analytics tools, including algorithm-based AI, enable your entire team to anticipate, act on, and review performance expectations.

Anticipate Bed Capacity

Anticipate Bed Capacity

Intervene on LOS Performance Trends

Intervene on LOS Performance Trends

Avoid Excess Forecast Days

Avoid Excess Forecast Days

Address Slow Transport Turnaround

Address Slow Transport Turnaround

Progress Patients Based on Real-Time Admission Data

Progress Patients Based on Real-Time Data

Analyze, Intervene, and Plan from Performance Trends

Analyze, Intervene, and Plan from Performance Trends

These metrics and reports are available in a variety of mediums, and are designed to be easily and readily accessible.

analytics modules embedded within software


Access a variety of analytics modules embedded within our software solutions to receive actionable intelligence at the point of decision. Users have the right information at the right time without needing to bounce between interfaces.

hospital analytics dashboards


Understand your everyday performance, and identify exceptions at a glance through e-mails or on-demand on your devices as part of your daily workflow.

hospital analytics display boards

Display Boards:

Know what is happening wherever you are in your facility with wall displays updated in real-time.

healthcare analytics performance graphs

Performance Graphs:

Understand where you are vs. your goals, and what goals you should set for the future. Sustain your performance gains.

detailed healthcare analytics reports

Detailed Reports:

Dive deep into the details and root causes of your biggest challenges and successes.

Built for All Users

Our analytics suite is designed to align all users to your organization’s goals, from the c-suite down to front-line staff.


Senior Leaders: Informed

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Medical Officers

  • Chief Nursing Officers


Mid Level Leaders: Aligned

  • Directors

  • Coordinators

  • Managers


Front-Line Staff: Empowered

  • Care Coordinators

  • Physicians

  • Nurses

  • Housekeepers

  • Transporters

Align your team with advanced analytics
real time analytics help your hospital achieve its goals

Oriented to Your Organization’s Goals

Customizing Your Analytics

We understand that every organization is different and that your data needs are unique. Our solutions offer custom-built reports and dashboards designed specifically to bring your organization complete data-dexterity. Since your data is highly curated within our analytics framework, you can create reports targeted for every end user, whether they are on the front-lines or in the command center.

Hospital analytics can be customized to fit your organization’s needs

Designed for Command Centers and All Patient Care Areas

KLAS Research defines a command center as "a centralized healthcare operations control center in which real-time and predictive analytics are aggregated from various data sources and used as part of a coordinated approach to manage logistics, provide enterprise visibility, and improve coordination for multiple departments within a single hospital or for multiple facilities within a health system".¹

Healthcare organizations cited analytics as one of the top barriers to fully optimizing a command center in the KLAS report “Healthcare Operations Command Center Ecosystem 2021”.²

Care Logistics establishes a solid command center foundation and overcomes the barriers with analytics which are purpose-built to bring real-time, predictive, actionable, and historical information to your hospital command center and beyond. These analytics include trended performance data, as well as:

Hospital admission sources
  • ED Admission Visibility Boards

  • Discharge Boards

  • Transfer Summary Dashboards

Hospital command centers
  • Facility-Wide Bed Boards

  • Real-Time Hospital Capacity and Patient Flow Dashboards

  • Transport and EVS Overviews

Nursing units
  • Discharge Performance Week by Week

  • Barrier Impacts by Unit

  • Inpatient LOS Performance

Hospital service areas
  • Service Area Schedule Views

  • Patient Services Planning Dashboards

  • Service Area Workflows

When we first went live with Patient/Order Logistics, we saw some pretty dramatic decreases in the length of stay and utilization over time along with increases in productivity. Care Logistics did a lot of great work for us, including great automation with transports, prioritization, and care boards; Care Logistics helped us manage things. The vendor made a lot of great strides early on that we have been able to maintain. Care Logistics has great analytics support. They have dashboards, and a lot of our clinical people like the dashboards. There is a lot of good reporting, so we use the system for almost all of our length-of-stay operational metrics. We have used the system for years, and we have very few complaints. That is always a good thing with a vendor.
— Director Interviewed by KLAS ³
Care Logistics analytics dashboards

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