Our Story

In 2008, Care Logistics launched a passionate effort to dramatically improve patient throughput and flow with the Hospital Operating System. We work with our hospital partners to implement breakthrough approaches to care coordination and throughput efficiency combined with innovative human logistics software. The result: efficient, reliable and predictable operations that dramatically improve productivity, quality, and experience, while creating capacity for growth. Our team operates with a single, purposeful goal:

Customer First, Dramatic Results

We focus foremost on our customers, always. We partner with hospitals that are ready and eager to transform their operations to the benefit of their patients, providers, and community. We commit to helping our hospital partners achieve and sustain dramatic results in patient care delivery, quality and experience. Together we achieve dramatic results, delivering the highest quality care at the lowest costs.


Part of the Jackson Healthcare Family

Founded by healthcare innovator Rick Jackson, Jackson Healthcare helps thousands of healthcare facilities across the country serve more than 10 million patients each year.

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